Hermitage Castle – Natural, Undyed British Wool Story

Posted on 16th November 2022

The inspiration behind Hermitage Castle, our new collection of 100% undyed, natural British wool fabrics is an ancient semi-ruined castle set in a remote, windswept corner of the Scottish Borders. Steeped in history, legend and myth, Hermitage Castle creates an eerie, powerful atmosphere with a notorious reputation.

To capture the spirit of the wonderful stonework of the castle and the rural surroundings, we had the idea to create a completely natural fabric, woven in Scotland using locally spun British Wool yarn from the fleece of home-grown sheep and free from any dye-stuffs or chemicals.

The beautiful neutral tones of the fabrics in this collection are entirely created by the nuances found in the natural wool fleece of the British born and bred sheep.

We have produced a comprehensive range of designs in a durable, well-structured upholstery fabric with impressive performance result, from contemporary plains and weave effects to traditional herringbones and plaids, which work effortlessly together to create an elegant, calm interior setting.

To compliment the story, we created our Hermitage throws, woven using a finer yarn from the same fleece, the end result is a cosy throw with a natural handle, which coordinates perfectly with the interior fabrics.

All of our fabrics and throws are proudly woven at our mill in the Scottish Highlands and finished in the Scottish Borders, keeping the whole production process as locally as possible.
Wool is a wonderful and inspiring fibre, 100% sustainable by nature and also completely natural, renewable and biodegradable. It also has many benefits for interior spaces, including natural fire resistance and insulation properties, keeping us safe and warm.

We believe in making conscious choices and are committed to producing fabrics which are truly sustainable and strive to towards minimising the effect we have on the environment.