Our Process

We are proud that our entire manufacturing process is based in Scotland. The design stage takes place at our headquarters in Perth. Following this, our fabrics are woven at our textile mill in Keith, in the Scottish Highlands. Lastly, our fabric is finished in Galashiels, in the Scottish Borders.

The Isle Mill is a specialist weaver and we offer clients the facility of long and short runs, stock collections or custom designed fabrics. Our designers select yarns with compositions varying from pure new wool, to more complex structured yarns that might contain blends of linen, silk, mohair and angora. In our weaving plant our machinery ranges from modern jacquard and high speed somet weaving machines to specialist Dornier looms.

Once warped and woven all our fabrics are hand inspected and hand mended by our highly skilled mending team. The fabric is then finished, a process that can comprise of dyeing, washing and scouring, pressing or cropping. Our fabric is finished to a standard that is specified by our design team on behalf of our customers.

The company’s weaving mill is based in Keith in the north of Scotland and our finishing takes place in the Scottish borders. However, all other functions are located at our headquarters in Perth. Since 1999, our headquarters in Perth have housed all other processes including Sales, Design, Finance and I.T. Perth is situated in the very centre of Scotland and has direct motorway links to both Edinburgh and Glasgow. It is an ideal location for the distribution of our products but also an ideal location for welcoming guests.