Sustainable Choices – The Isle Mill’s Commitment

Posted on 26th April 2019


The Isle Mill believes in making conscious choices. We are committed to maintaining high standards in the production of our fabrics in order to create something that is truly sustainable. Since 1783, we have manufactured quality interior fabrics from the finest natural fibres. We believe this commitment to excellence is one of the reasons that we are part of one of the oldest family owned businesses operating in Scotland today.  ⠀

We aim to be completely transparent about how we make our fabrics. Our manufacturing process is traceable and takes place in Scotland. All of our fabrics are woven by skilled artisans at our textile mill in Keith. Following this, our fabrics are finished with our partners in the Scottish Borders.  We uphold ethical working conditions, we are a living wage employer and ensure we work with a responsible supply chain.

Our fabrics are predominantly made from wool which is sustainable by nature. Wool is a completely natural and renewable fibre, making it the sustainable choice. Moreover, it has many benefits for interior environments, including fire resistance and insulating properties which reduces energy costs and, ultimately, carbon emissions. We recommend visiting The Campaign for Wool’s website for more information about the benefits of choosing wool.

The Isle Mill are striving towards minimising the effect that we have on the environment.  For this reason, we are investigating ways to further reduce waste in our business. We feel strongly that, as part of our commitment to sustainability, we continue to uphold transparency about our process and the people involved.